Our History

Superior Extrusion, Inc. (SEI) has continued to grow since extruding its first profile on December 15, 1998. Initially starting with a 7” 1,650-ton Ferrel press, SEI has expanded three times to keep up with demand, adding a 9” 2,500-ton Youngstown press in 2009 and a 7” 2,000-ton Extral press in 2018, and a 9" Extral press in 2023.

SEI can provide customers with solid, hollow, and semi-hollow shapes in a number of lengths. Other extrusion services like deburring, miter cutting and drilling are provided by the state-of-the-art fabrication department.

Our clients have grown in success with SEI since day one and we invite you to join us. Request a quote today and speak to our staff about how SEI can improve your bottom line and your business development.