SEI Employees Successful At Trenary Outhouse Races

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Employees from Superior Extrusion competed in the Trenary Outhouse Races on Saturday, February 23, bringing home first place in their division and second overall.

Supervisor Greg led this year's entry and was helped by multiple other employees. The design included recycled and reused materials from the recent plant expansion. The final version showcased the SEI blue logo with samples of our extruded shapes on the outside.

An Upper Peninsula classic, the Trenary Outhouse Races is a unique and historical event for the region. Competitors will create a fake outhouse, place it on skis and push it down the main drag of the tiny Delta County town. Outhouse races have been common in the UP for decades, but the Trenary edition has been the most successful with thousands of spectators and dozens of entries every year. The races were featured on the Travel Channel, TruTV, Yahoo and a number of foreign television shows.

The SEI team won the 36 to 49 division and was a second behind first overall. 

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